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- LTE: $59.000 and still counting

- Strong and healthy

- Athletic and goodminded

- Showable by open and non pro riders




​“This guy has it all. An outstanding look, big manoeuvres with lots of style and a great mind. He was wonderfull to train because he always wanted to be good and never needed a lot of help besides that he is probably the best non pro horse I know!”

Grischa Ludwig


“Crome dont Corrode is an awesome horse to ride. He shows again and again his great mind and his big heart. He let you shine in the showpen and beside that he is gorgeous to see.”

Petra van Ede


“I've had the opportunity and privilege to work with some great horses in our industry. Crome dont Corrode is definitely one of them. He has all te qualities that it takes to be a great show horse, and a great breeding horse. He is powerful and physical enough to be a high end open horse, and honest and easy enough to be an awesome non pro horse. He has all the stop and turn you could ever need and does it effortlessly with style. I am thankful to have been part of his career and looking to watching his offspring show.”

Ruben van Dorp

​“Crome dont Corrode brought me in 2013 back in the showarena. He always gives you confidence and wants to work hard for you. For me it is not just a horse, but he is also my friend!”

Walter Bouwmeester


“This horse makes me happy every day! He is my "once in a lifetime horse". He never let me down and besides that he is sweet, easy, reliable and funny. Whatever I decide to do, he follows. He makes reining easy!!”

Leonoor de Bruin


“I rode Crome dont Corrode when he was a two year old. Crome dont Corrode, Spooks Eclipse and Wimpys Cute Tune were the three best horses that year.

He was a big stopper and I liked him a lot!

The owners moved to Ohio that year and another trained him after that time.”

Jimmy van der Hoeven

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